Wanna Know The Best Momos In West Delhi?

Winters are here, you are where, eating hot momos is not very rare. LOL! It just rhymed. Holla people! How ya doin? Are you craving for a tasty plate of hot piping momos to make your day? Or wanna give your tummy a satisfying meal? Well, if yes, then you are on the right page! Is thand ke mausam mein garma garam momos mil jaye toh baat ban jaye? Of course! Delhites and momos share a bond that no outsider can ever understand. Momos toh humari jaan hai! Something that delhi people can always rely upon, no matter what. And finding a momos walla in Delhi is not a difficult task kyunki yahan ke har nukkad pr ek momos walla toh mil hi jayega 😛 Talking precisely about west delhi, there are hella lot of places serving satisfying momos that no one can say no to. So, let me introduce you to the best momos in West Delhi.

Best Momos in West Delhi

Gravy momos

Best Gravy Momos In Delhi (Janak Puri)

Gravy momos have become so popular that almost each momos vendor serves these. Isn’t it? So, Do you love gravy momos? Are you a big fan of gravy momos? If yes, then it’s time to try the succulent gravy momos from Lama Momos, A-1, Janak Puri. These momos are a perfect blend of mayonnaise, momos chutney, masala and momos of course! The momos are first fried and then added to the gravy. The momos look so delicious that you won’t be able to resist yourself from eating these. Also, the taste is just wow. The presentation as well as the taste of these momos can give you the Awwwstruck moment!

The best part is that one plate of these droolworthy momos cost Rs. 60 which has 12 pieces! Sounds cool, no? So, give a try to these tasty gravy momos and make your winter evenings tastier. Give a creamy twist to your all time favourite momos. To know more about these momos, you can check out our full blog on The Gravy Momos.

Address: A-1, Janak Puri, Opposite to Arya Samaj Mandir. (It ain’t a shop but a small stall).

Tandoori Momos from Prem Chinese

Tandoori & Afghani Momos (Prem Chinese)

How about a hot, masaledar plate of scrumptious tandoori momos on a chilly winter evening? Prem naam toh suna hi hogaa! Well, Prem Chinese is famous for its luscious chinese food as well as the momos. So, go and try tasty tandoori momos from Prem Chinese, Janak Puri. Get a plate full of worth trying Tandoori Paneer and Chicken Momos at just Rs. 80. 
Apart from tandoori momos, try their Afghani Momos as well. Creamy enough to satisfy your cravings. They serve Achari, Cocktail, Gravy and Kurkure Momos as well. A pocket friendly place to make your evenings more scrumptious. So, take your gang and hog onto these tasty momos.

Address: 23, C4E Market, Janak Puri, New Delhi.

Butter Gravy Momos

Butter Gravy Momos (CG’s Kitchen)

How about a plate full of steamed momos with cream, butter and maggi masala sprinkled over it? Droolworthy? Cg’s Kitchen serves succulent Special Steamed Momos or Butter Gravy Momos. Cream, butter, maggi masala and masala sprinkled over steamed momos to add to their taste. Give a try to these mouthwatering momos and make these your new love. A place of these momos cost Rs. 120 and has 12 pieces in it.

So, without wasting any time, go and visit this small outlet of Vikas Puri and have a tasty time. To know more about the place, check out our full blog on CG’s Kitchen.

Address: A-3, Vikas Tower, PVR Road, Vikas Puri, New Delhi.

Corn cheese momos

Corn Cheese Momos (KC Restaurant)

Now something drool-worthy for the Dwarkawalas. Who doesn’t love cheese? And when cheese met the tasty momos, that would be a satisfying combo. No? Try out the Corn Cheese Momos from KC Restaurant. Crispy Momos filled with corn and cheese that tastes so well that can satisfy your cheese as well as momo cravings. KC Restaurant is famous for its momos. Try out their Singapuri momos, kurkure momos and tandoori momos as well. One plate of these tasty Cheese Burst Momos costs Rs. 140. To know more about these delicacies, check out our full blog on KC Restaurant.

Address: Ramphal Chowk, Opposite Relaxo Showroom, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Tandoori Momos (Sector-10 Market, Dwarka)

If you are a tandoori momos lover, then you gotta try these momos ASAP. This small stall in Sector-10 Market, Dwarka serves soul-satisfying tandoori and afghani momos. The momos are marinated so well that they will give you cravings for sure. The place is always crowded so, its better to visit the place when you have time. One plate of these succulent momos is enough for one person. So, without wasting much of your time, time to try these tasty tandoori momos ASAP.

Address: The vendor sits just outside the Fire and Ice Restaurant in Sector -10 Market, Dwarka. 

Well, I guess that’s enough to give you momos cravings. These are the Best Momos in West Delhi according to me. Let me know what’s your opinion? So, let’s not wait and try these tasty momos. Take your gang to the nearest place and get rid of momo cravings. That’s enough for the day! Time to say good bye! Meet you soon in the next blog. Till then, bubyyeee!

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    1. Hey,
      Lama momos is near Janakpuri west metro station it’s nearly about 700m from the metro station. You can search spicy ninja on google maps, the vendor sits beside the shop.
      Prem Chinese is near Janakpuri east metro station it’s about 2 km from the metro station. you can search Janakpuri c4e market on google maps.

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