Best Places To Have Street Food In Karol Bagh

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food…You just need to explore good places to eat!And what can be better than the most loved street food of KAROL BAGH!

Karol Bagh- Lies in Central Delhi and in the heart of every Delhite. From wedding shopping to jewellery shopping to electronics shopping, Karol Bagh offers you a complete package. You may call it a shopping hub but for me, it’s a FOOD HUB.

Even a small lane of Karol Bagh has so many food outlets! From small food stalls to fancy restaurants, Karol Bagh has everything that a food lover wants!

From chatpati chaat to dil walo ki dil wali tikki, from regular steamed momo to zaykedar gol gappe, karol bagh promises to never leave you disheartened!

So, if you plan to visit Karol Bagh anyday or wanna explore the place, then you are on the right page!

Presenting food,which tastes good. Satisfying to souls, that you would eat whole. Now hat to choose, that’s your call!



Chaat Bhandar:

And who doesn’t love the savoury chaat. You may call it a girl’s best friend or the monsoon’s craving’s solution. Chaat is something you can have at anytime and chaat from this stall outside Janki Devi Memorial College makes it worth having. Be it spicy gol gappe or masaledar bhelpuri or savoury sev puri or aloo tikki, you can try all of these at a very cheap price with a guarantee of good taste. I won’t recommend any specific thing to try but to try everything.

Chole Kulche:

Karol Bagh aaye aur chole kulche nhi khaye? Karol Bagh is a hub of chole kulcha walas. You’ll find a chole kulche wala in almost every lane. Chole Kulchas are served with tasty raita and a fried aloo in the cholas which gives an amazing taste. The prices start from Rs. 35 and vary from one stall to another. Feeling hungry and don’t wanna spend much on food then you can totally rely upon them. Tastes good and pocket-friendly.


All time favourite momo that you need not think about before eating! There’s a vendor sitting below the karol bagh metro station who sells steamed and fried veg, paneer and non veg momo and season it with tasty mayonaisse and oregano. One plate of momo costs around Rs. 40/- and they are worth trying. The vendor comes around 4 in the evening and puts a small stall by the name ‘Sanjay Momos’.

Chinese Food:

 Chinese is the ultimate love. Chilly Potato or Chilly Garlic Noodles or the kurkure momo, Little Chef has a tasty variety of Chinese Food as well as rolls. The prices are very economical. Exit from gate no. 7, Karol Bagh Metro Station and you would see the outlet from the stairs as well. Also, just besides it, lies Wrap & Roll, one must try rolls from this place. Not very costly, good in taste and a great variety.




Grilled Sandwiches & Burger:

There’s a small stall near karol bagh metro station serving a variety of scrumptious sandwiches and burgers. Burgers starting from Rs. 30/- and so good in taste that you’ll have 2-3 and still want more.

This was all about the stalls that you can find near karol bagh metro station. Now, heading towards the famous Karol Bagh market.


When people say pasta, it reminds us of some fancy italian restaurant serving delicious pasta. But what can be better than having a desi style masaledaar pasta. Start walking towards the market from the metro station and the first stall named Rahul Momos will serve you desi masala pasta. Frankly speaking, not very good in taste but good enough to satisfy your hunger.


 K B Chaat wala serves a tasty moonglet layered with loads of amul butter. It is so yummy but heavy as well, it is difficult for a single person to finish the whole moonglet solely. Best thing to be eaten in winters. The place serves tasty chaat as well.

Chole Bhature:

Jb Karol Bagh mein itna sab milta hai toh chole bhature na mile aise kaise chlega? Roshan Di Kulfi, naam toh suna hi hoga. One of the oldest shop in Karol Bagh serving tasty Chole bhatauras that all the punjabis will surely love. The place serves chinese, south indian and north indian as well, but chole bhaturas are must trying. Punjab Sweet Corner serves tasty Chole Bhature as well. And how canI forget the renowned Om Corner, famous for it’s less oily bhaturas. Tastes good as well.



Dil Wali Tikki: 

Treat your loved ones with this crispy heart shaped tikki from Sindhi Corner. The tikki is served with imly chutney that gives you a peppery taste. If you wanna have the tikki without chutney then too it tastes perfect.

  • Kulfi: To sum up your meal, you need to try the creamy kulfi from Roshan Di Kulfi & Raviraj di kulfi. These two famous places serves you refreshing kulfis that you can’t afford to miss!

So, that’s all for the day! This is what we have discovered in Karol Bagh till now. Hope you loved the blog.

Do share your experiences with us. Let us know if you have tried these places or have some more places to be explored in Karol Bagh.

Do tell us what more you want us to write about.

Good Bye! Keep eating!

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