1 A.M. Rajma Cravings Sorted At Jain Chawal Wale!

Being a punjabi, my love for rajma chawal is never ending. What about you? Rajma Chawal is one of the most satisfying dishes. When it comes to choosing our sunday meal, rajma chawal gonna be the first thing that comes into our mind. Nothing can beat a soulful plate of rajma chawal. Isn’t so? And when it comes to a punjabi mom cooking rajma chawal, Tab toh baat hi ban jaayee! But, what if you are not at home and craving for a delectable plate of Rajma Chawal? Well, don’t worry, Jain Chawal Wale will always be on your rescue!

If you are in CP or nearby and rajma cravings hit you, then it’s time to head towards this famous outlet- Jain Chawal Wale. Known for its tasty chawal dishes, Jain Chawal Wale is winning delhi people’s for quite some time now. Delhi has a large number of places serving spicy and tasty rajma chawal but nothing can beat the very famous Jain Chawal Wale.

Rajma Chawal At Jain Chawal Wale

How about a scrumptious plate of rajma chawal topped with onions, chilly, chutney; served with Papad? Mouth watering enough? Then, You gotta try the tasteful Rajma Chawal from this small outlet of CP. These rajma chawal aren’t very spicy but a perfect mix of spices that will give you a satisfying taste. Served with onions, chillies and chutney on the top which definitely adds to their taste, papad gives it a crispy twist. Also, the curry is thick which gives it a perfect taste. Trust me, the place has maintained the authentic taste of Rajma which you shouldn’t miss.

This satisfying plate of Rajma Chawal will cost you Rs. 70 only. Surely, the best solution to your north indian meal cravings. The place doesn’t have a seating area but they have standing tables where you can enjoy your meal. And now, guess what’s the best part about this place? The place is open till 1 AM! Oh yass! You read it right. And wait, this ain’t the end. The place reopens at 3:30 in the morning. Isn’t it amazing? Not only the mid day cravings, but the place can help you get rid of your late night and early morning cravings as well.

What Else?

Apart from the rajma chawal, the place serves drool worthy kadi chawal, chole chawal and even tasty chole bhature. Now, that sounds like a satisfying plan. So, my punjabi fellows, you can’t miss to try Jain Chawal Wale!

So, be it your breakiee time or the dinner time, the place won’t let you down. Do visit the place and give your tummy a flavourful rajma treat. Also, share your experience with us in the comment section. Stay tuned for the next blog. Comment below about what you want us to post next. Time to say Good Bye! Love you all! Tschussss!

Address: P-1/190, Connaught Circus, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

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