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Rise Of FlavoursA Journey Of Exotic Flavours; Rich In Taste,

Satisfying To Soul

We Love To Help People Find Delicious Food To Eat..

We are two wanderers with their common love for food, on a journey to explore and help you find the lipsmacking delicacies of New Delhi.

Delhi, known for it’s soul-satisfying food, has everything that a die hard foodie won’t be able to say no to! It has sooo many places that serves food that can take your heart away. And having so many options to choose from actually causes confusion. But why to fear when Rise of Flavours is here?

From gorgeous gravy momos of Janakpuri to crispy spring rolls of Karkardooma. We have an ultimate collection from our extensive exploration of tummy-satisfying food that you can crave for at 3 a.m. as well ! 

Be it a small but amazing amigos cafe of Satyaniketan or a largely spaced fantastic Farzi Cafe of Aerocity. Be sure that Rise Of Flavours won’t dissappoint you !

So, without making you bore,

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rise of flavours
rise of flavours
rise of flavours

Discover Mouthwatering Food From All Over Delhi With Rise Of Flavours .

People Wants Honest, Flavourful Food, Not Some Show-Off Meal That Takes Days To Prepare. So, Here We Are With Some Lip Smacking Food Delicacies. And we Promise You To Share Appetising And Flavourful Meals Inviting Enough For Your Eye And Delectable For your Tummy!

Health-Satisfying Food

Caring about what your health needs. Because health comes first, but taste also matters. So, a wide variety of healthy and tasty food especially for gym freaks and diet conscious people.

healthy food

Soul-Satisfying Food

Caring about what your craving soul wants when succulent food's flirting on you. Hidden gems of Delhi to treat your tummy and soul with scrumptious food .

farzi cafe aerocity


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