Try These Golgappa Fusions At Social Foodie Inside!

We all love golgappas, isn’t it? Golgappas, Puchkas or Pani Puri, no matter what you call them, they are actually a girl’s best friend! How about a spicy plate of golgappas for the evening? A single thought can make you drool, right? And what if I tell you that your favourite golgappas can actually have some crazy fusions. Confused? So, what happens when gol gappe met chocolate or pizza or Nutella or Red Velvet? Already drooling? So, it’s now time to visit Social Foodie Inside, Vikas Puri!

Make your golgappas more fun with these crazy fusions! Treat your bae with a mouthwatering twist to her favourite golgappas.

What Types of Golgappas To Find At Social Foodie Inside?

Social Foodie Inside is a hub for droolworthy golgappas. Give your old golgappas a tasty twist! For all the chocolate lovers out there, you need to try their Chocolate Golgappas. Golgappas dipped in chocolate and served with yummy chocolate shake. Perfect to give you heaven feels!

Also, if you are a red velvet person then you gotta try their Red Velvet Golgappas. A yummilicious combo of red velvet and golgappas. Anddd how about some nutella golgappas? We all love nutella and golgappas are life. Toh jb golgappas met nutella that’s gonna be a soulful combo! Awestruck already?

But, wait, this ain’t the end! Picture abhi baki hai mere dost! Do you love pizzzzaaa!? Is pizza your bae? Then, how about a winsome plate full of pizza golgappes? Fill your golgappas with pizza stuffing and get lost in its amazing taste! Just like the pizza golgappas, they serve keema golgappas as well!
Also, the price of these golgappas is very reasonable. Plus, the taste is really wow! So, now time to make this place your next golgappa point.

What Else You Can Try?

Apart from the mouth-watering golgappas, you can try their Peri Peri Fries, Momos, Burgers and Shakes. The place has everything to satisfy your cravings. Perfect spot for your snack time!

Peri Peri Fries

Satisfied much? Or want something more? Visit the place once and give your tummy a satisfying treat!

Go and give your friends a golgappa break. Treat yourself with some droolicious meal! Well, that’s enough for the day! Time to say goodbye! Stay tuned for the next blog. Keep loving us and keep smiling. Okayyy bye byeee!!

Address: GG-II, 71-A, Vikas Puri, New Delhi.

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