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You Gotta Try This Nutellicious Waffle At Wenger’s Deli!

Exhale Negativity, Inhale Waffles! Waffles are louvvvvvv! The favourite breakfast snack has now become everyone’s favourite. They can make your boring day a happy one! Also, waffles are perfect thing to satisfy your craving soul. We all love waffle and good part is that Delhi has hellaa lot of waffle outlets. This soulful dessert is delhi people’s new love! The best thing about waffles is that it has a lot of varieties like oreo waffle, strawberry waffle, chocolate waffle and what not! Each variety is so delectable that you can’t even say no to it. We all have tried waffles from so many places, isn’t it? But, have you ever tried sinful Nutella Waffle from Wenger’s Deli? Noooo? Then, You surely need to!

Nutella is almost everyone’s favourite and waffle is love. So, when two favourites meet, it has to be a deadly combo! That’s what happened when I tried the Nutella waffle! Soooo, let’s talk about the nutellicious waffle from Wenger’s Deli.

Nutella Waffle At Wenger’s Deli..

When it comes to Wenger’s Deli, you gotta ready to try some soulful desserts. This outlet, located in A Block, Connaught Place, serves yummy smoothies, waffles, burger and lots more. The place is truly a snacks hub. Talking precisely about the Nutella waffle of this place, it is truly heaven. Perfectly crisped, soft enough to melt in your mouth and topped with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. Just a bite can take you into a new chocolaty world. Plus, the price is also reasonable. Try out once and you’ll love it.

A waffle lover cannot miss to try this waffle. So, whenever you wanna munch a tasty waffle, make sure to visit Wengers. Make this place your new waffle hub.

That’s all about today! Hope you loved the blog as much as you love waffle. Stay tuned for our next blog! See you super soon. Byeee Byee! Keep smiling!

Address: A-18, Radial Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

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