Time To Say Oh Yummy At This Newbie!

It’s hard to be sad when when you’re eating good food. Isn’t it? Delhi is the hub of places serving great food. Every corner of Delhi has an outlet serving lipsmacking food. Talking precisely about west delhi, there’s loadss offf tasty food here. Be it Rajouri  or Janak Puri, you’ll found soul satisfying food at almost every outlet. Plus, there are a number of outlets here. But choosing a cool place to eat is a tedious task. So, lemme tell you about a cool place that will take your heart away! Vikas Puri Walon, this one’s for you. Vikas Puri has a bunch of outlets serving yummilicious food, isn’t it? And to make your meal even more delicious, there’s a cute newbie in Vikas Puri. So, Say hi to this newbie in J Block, Vikas Puri- Oh Yummy. Been there? No? A small shop with outdoor seating surrounded by plants to make your visit even more beautiful.

The place offers Pizza, Pasta, Sandwich, Burger, Shakes and lots more. A reasonable cafe to hangout with friends or take a chill pill from your busy schedule. Treat your tastebuds with a scrumptious meal at Oh Yummy. Say Oh yummy by tasting their yummy food. Food that you’ll love for sure. Give yourself a luscious meal at this small but cute outlet.

What All To Try At Oh Yummy?

The place has a huge menu. From Pizzas to Pastas, from Sandwiches to Shakes, there’s everything for your craving heart. Starting from the all time favourite Pizza. Give a try to their Paneer Tandoori and Chicken Tandoori Pizza. You can choose your base i.e. either Thin Crust or Pan Crust Base. Also, Pizza is available in two sizes i.e.  8 inches and 10 inches Pizza. Choose the size of your pizza according to the size of your tummy. 😛

Oh yummy 

Now, coming to some soul-satisfying Pasta. Try out their Alfredo Veg Pasta and Peri Peri Sauce Pasta. Also, you can get your pasta baked and enjoy a luscious pasta meal. Also, enjoy a cheesilicious pasta by adding more cheese to your pasta.

And for all the garlic bread lovers, you gotta try out their cheese stuffed crafted garlic bread and crafted garlic bread sticks.

Now, time to have a sandwich break! Just have a look at their sandwich and fall in love with it’s cheesiness. Also, let me tempt you more. Have you ever tried Spicy Pineapple Sandwich? A crazy fusion of Pineapple and the sandwich. Give yourself a  delectable sandwich with the tasty stuffing of pineapple.

Coming next to the burgers, who doesn’t love a burger? So, give a try to their Oh Yummy Burger served with tasty fries.

Cheesy fries

Last but not the least, all the Fries lovers, you gotta try their Triple Trouble Cheesy Fries overloaded with sauces. These fries will surely make you drool and a perfect treat for your craving tummy. You can also try their Peri Peri Fries and Pizza Fries.

What’s next?

As their tagline says, the food that you love. The place truly serves soul-satisfying food that you can’t miss out. But, food needs a good company as well. So, how about some mouthwatering shakes and coolers? Give a try to their refreshing coolers and droolworthy shakes. How about a hide and seek shake? A flossy shake topped with chocolate chips, sprinkles and obviously hide and seek biscuits. A sip can give you a heavenly feel. Also, if you love little hearts then do try out their Little Hearts Shake. Choco Brownie is also a good option to try. You can also go for the Pineapple Mojito.

Drinks are really amazing. You’ll love them for sure. So, get ready to lost in the creaminess of their shakes.

Take your besties to this cool place and treat them with a delectable meal. Also, the place isn’t very expensive so, visit whenever you wish to.

Well, that’s all to satisfy your craving soul. See you soon in the next blog. Share this blog with your foodie friends and take them to this newbie super soon. Hope you loved the blog. Now, time to say good bye! Tschusss! Love you all. Keep supporting us.

Address: 40, J Block, DDA Market, Vikas Puri, New Delhi.

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