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We can talk food, we can walk food, we can laugh food, we can run food, because food is louuvvvvv! Agreed?? When foood is the only thing that comes into our mind, then how can we not love buffet? So, yes I am the buffet person. But, are you? If yes, soooo get ready for a place like never before! West Delhi people, have you been to The MarketPlace yet?

Dear foodies, get ready to savour everything. The world is in your plate, where are you? Didn’t get it? Read more! When it comes to cravings, we can crave for sushi at one point and paneer tikka the next second. You might feel like having golgappa at one point and the white sauce pasta the next moment. Right? Obviously. There’s no more suffering because The MarketPlace has everything that your craving soul needs. The MarketPlace Global Buffet and Bar serves 11 global cuisines all at one place! Feels like heaven?

The MarketPlace says, “Savour everything, from the Chaat of Delhi 6 to the Pasta of Rome’s streets, from Curries of North india to the Burgers of America, from the best of Beijing’s Chinese to Lebanese Shawarmas, from the Steamy Momos in Nepal to Chilling Cocktails, we have it all and more, with our own twists and twirls.” Already Drooling?

The MarketPlace


The place will give you a proper feel of being in a market. Seems like you are entering into a new world. Just enter the place and you’ll be wow-struck with its ambience and the decor. The interiors are beautifully designed according to the cuisines that the place serves. The place has lamp shades, faux grass, seats in the form of swings and lots more. They have balcony seating as well, decorated with plants and romantic lightning to make your date more special.

There are a number of counters serving different dishes and each counter will give you a new experience. One counter might take you to Italy, another might land you to Nepal, just follow your heart and get going. Going from one counter to another might give you the feel of the world tour! 😛 These live counters make sure that you have piping hot food so that there’s no compromise in taste. You can pick whatever to eat first, customize and have as much as your tummy allows you to.

Guess what will be the cherry on the cake? LIVE MUSIC SESSIONS! Feel the music, embrace the beauty and enjoy the tasty food. The place won’t disappoint you in any manner. The staff is also courteous, ready to serve you with satisfying food and make your visit worth it.

So, get yourself clicked, dance to every beat, make dozen of memories and fall in love with the place. 


There’s no compromise in the varieties of cuisines, likewise there’s no compromise in thee food as well. From chinese to italian, from indian to lebanese, there’s no item which is not upto the mark. Did someone say chatpati chaat? Oh, you said Dosa! Well, no need to worry! The MarketPlace won’t leave you disheartened.

You know what’s the cool part? They have assigned some cool names to each counter serving different cuisine. UTSAV for the south indian foooddd, BROOKLYN BRIDGE DINER for the american counter serving all time favourite pizzas, pastas, fries and sliders. There’s YALLA YALLA for the shawarma fans, ANGEETHI for the north indian food lovers and SHUGGA for your toothsome cravings. We all love momos, so, we gotta go to THE HUNGRY MONK for our cravings. And hey, want some sushi? Visit KUNG FUUD. Europe, being one of the famous destinations, is also in the list. CIAO EUROPA for paneer satay grill or the cold canapes.

Palak Patta Chaat  the marketplace

The place is reasonable as well. They conduct kitty parties as well at a very affordable rate. And the best part is that they conduct events throughout the year based on the seasons of the year in which they serve some special menu. Currently, Winter Wonderland and Nom Nom November are running for the month of November. Go and try their special menu.


As I said, you don’t need to compromise in any manner. So, why even in drinks? Being a shakes person, I order shake at every place I visit. I did the same here and I was mesmerized to see their flothy and creamy Freak Shakes! Thick enough, good in taste and a treat to your eyes as well. Totally freaked out? Go and try out their freak shakes. Apart from the shakes, they serve refreshing mocktails and cocktails which are good to try. There’s an option for the alcoholics as well. Ms. SIPPY will give you the best sip. Cool enough?

Freak Shake

So, Decor Checked, Pictures checked, Interiors Checked, Food Checked, Drinks Checked! Now, Added to the bucket list? OBVIOUSLY! Spend your winter weekends at this amazing buffet style restaurant and have a gala time with your favourites!

That’s all for the day! See you very soon. Love to all!

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ADDRESS: A 7/8, Kailash Park, Near Metro Pillar 326, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

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