Try these creamilicious & flossy Freak Shakes!

Be it your besties’s birthday party or your office party or a cocktail party or a bachelor’s night, Delhi leaves no stone unturned in providing fun-filled party places. From gorgeous pubs to classy restaurants, there’s everything that a party animal needs. Also, non sharabi’s need not worry as Delhi has places serving yummy shakes as well.

Coming precisely on West Delhi’s Party Hub i.e Rajouri Garden. Known for shopping but the area provides you a lot more. A cool variety of cafes, restaurant, pubs, lounges or street food is what you’ll love about this area. From normal hangout to fancy parties, rajouri won’t dissapoint you in any way.

One such worth visiting places in Rajouri is THE TIPPLING STREET. A place with beautiful and lavish interiors, rich in class and the brick walls framed with vintage pictures, maintaining the eccentricity of the place. The place has outside sitting as well which can be enjoyed in the winters. A combination of rocking DJ vibes with perfect lightning and the peaceful balcony vibes is how you can sum up the place.

The place has a wooden bar for your booze party with varieties that can blow your mind. But what I like the most about this place is it’s super creamy, chromatic, flossy freak shakes! Heard of love at first sight? Well, the shakes will surely remind you about it. No matter if you are a kitkat person or an oreo person, the place has both the solutions for you.

Freak Shakes:

Imagine your favourite nutella meets the soulful brownie topped up with layers of ice cream, deadly combination, no? Try their Nutella dark freak loaded shake and give your taste buds a heavenly feeling. Topped up with whipped cream, little heart biscuits and the colourful sprinkles & gems to give it a splendid look.

Now comes the all time favourite Kit-Kat Freak Loaded Shake and the Berry Oreo Freak Loaded Shake. Being an oreo person, I liked the oreo one more. This foamy shake topped with choco chips and oreo is the perfect thing to have on a hot summer afternoon. Just the look at it will take all your tiredness away. And the frothy kitkat shake is all you need to lighten up your dowsy day.

As I said that the place won’t dissapoint you in any way. So, there’s also something for the mango lovers. Tippling Dates Freak Loaded Shake is what a mango lover needs. Topped with Mango pieces, dates, butterscotch and Ice Cream. The place also serves the Passion Delight Shake. A flavourful combination of  avocado and the passion fruit mixed up with honey and topped with ice cream. They serve Street Shake too, in the variants of banana, mango, strawberry, chocolate and coffee.

Shake          Nutella Shake

All the shakes will surely make you drool and tempt your taste buds. Once you finish the shake, your tummy might feel full but your heart will want more. But, wait! This ain’t the end.


Tippling street serves scrumptious, lip-smacking food to accompany it’s drool-worthy shakes. You may try it’s White Sauce Pasta, Overloaded Nachos, Crispy Honey Chilli Potato or the Rara Chicken Pizza , everything is rich in taste and satisfying to soul. From North Indian to Continental, they have tons of variety to offer!

Tippling Street   Burger    Overloaded Nachos

Be it a vegetarian treat or a non-vegetarian treat, you can totally rely upon this place for good food. They serve tasty chinese as well and spring rolls are worth trying. And the succulent Chicken Tikka is something you can’t miss out.

To sum up your meal on a sweet note, you should have their waffle or tiramisu. Brownie with Chocolate Domb adds extra brownie points for the place. Carrot cheese cake is also good to go with. The food will surely make your day and the ambience itself can lighten up your mood.

I guess the place is already in your bucketlist now! The only thing you need to do now is find a perfect reason to party or get treat from your friend. Good to go place with good to go people.

Be ready with your best dance moves for your bae’s next birthday party at this super cool place.

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Keep eating, stay fit.

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