Chur Chur Naan

Rush To Try These Buttery Chur Chur Naan At Just Rs. 100!

Yo Delhites! Dilli toh jaan hai. But, May I know, what makes your Delhi so special? Beautiful buildings? Monuments? Lit bars? Amazing Night Life? Romantic Cafes? Delhi has a long list of things that will make you fall in love with this place. But, do you feel like that I missed something very important? Any guesses? Yes, my foodie friend, I didn’t mention about the tastyyy foood that Delhi serves. Moreover, I am sure that all the foodies will, “Delhi is so special to my heart is because of its street food like the scrumptious chur chur naan”. Don’t you as well?

Delhi be the hub of scrumptious street food. Every corner has something special, unique and satisfying. Delhi has sooo much to explore that you may feel tired but your tummy will surely want more. Delhi has a huge variety of street food that will flirt on you and you won’t be able to say no to it. And the best part is that you can have these delicacies at any time, any day.

You might be craving for tasty amritsari kulche in the morning, rajma chawal in the afternoon, bhelpuri for the evening and tasty chicken in the dinner. Worry not, the lanes of Delhi will not disappoint you in any  manner!

Delhi doesn’t sleep at night as well as in the morning! You can have sucullent street food at 12 am as well as at 5 am. It has the perfect solution to your late night cravings. And delhi peeps are the wanderers, wander from place to place to satisfy their hunger. Be it creamy momos or buttery naan, yahan sab milta hai ree! Jab Dilli mein itna sab milta hai toh badia chur chur naan na mile aise kaise chlega bhaiya?

Chur Chur Naan

Start your sunday mornings with Chur Chur Naans!

Chahe Punjab ke amritsari kulche ho ya mumbai ki pav bhaji, Delhi has everything for your craving soul.

Being a punjabi, naan is my pet food. Punjabi’s mornings start with a plate full of buttery paranthas or amritsari naan or the all time favourite chole bhature! Agreed? Be it your maa ke hath ke aloo ka parantha or monika chole bhature, our sunday mornings need something special.

Chole Bhature jaan hai. Amritsari kulche pyaar hai. Aur chur chur naan? Vo toh dil mein baste hai! Imagine having crispy, hot piping and buttery chur chur naan with delicious daal, succulent paneer and raita on a chilly winter morning. Feels like heaven? So, make a new routine and have a soul satisfying plate of Chur Chur Naan in your breakfast!

Where to find Crispy Chur Chur Naan?

Delhi has so many places serving scrumptious chur chur naans like Sanjay Chur Chur Naan, Raju Chur Chur Naan. But, DWARKAWALO, this one’s for you! Dwarka is famous for Raju Chur Chur Naan. Most of the west delhi people want to try these tasty naans. But, my friend, lemme tell you about an another gem of Dwarka. MUSKAN CHUR CHUR NAAN, an underrated stall serving soul satisfying chur chur naan that you shouldn’t miss!

Try out the naan from this place and fall in love with them. Also, Paneer lovers, you gotta visit the place. Loads of paneer is grated on the naan and a large amount of butter is added. The naan is so crispy and tasty that you will surely want more. It is served with tasty daal, shahi paneer and all time favourite raita and the good part is that this will add to the taste of the naan.

The naan taste best when hot. Moreover, One plate is a complete meal for a person. You may have them in the breakfast or in the lunch. Now, the best part is that a plate has two naans and the cost of one plate is Rs. 100. Cheap enough? Have your lunch at just 100 bucks!

The vendor comes around 11 am and the place gets crowded as soon as he arrives. Order a plate of these tasty naans and have an authentic taste of chur chur naans.

Exact Location:

There’s a small stall in Sector-22, Dwarka; opposite to Mount Carmel School. Rush and have a lip smacking meal! Take your college gang here and satisfy your hunger in a buttery way! Give your tummy a soulful treat this winters.

That’s all for the day. Stay tuned for the next blog and do share this with your bhukkad friends. Stay healthy, stay happy and Keep eating.

Byeeee! See you soonnn!

And, DWARKAWALO, Do check out our blog on tangy chole kulche of Dwarka!


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