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Raksha Bandhan: The Festival of Love. Love needs to be celebrated with something sweet. Toh Iss Raksha Bandhan kuch ghar ka bana meetha ho jayee. What can be better than treating yourself with soulful  home-made Rabri, this festive season! Rabri, a traditional indian dessert which is loved by most of the people. Made with thickened sweetened milk with layers of cream which gives you a heavenly feeling. It can be served with malpua or all-time favourite jalebi or gulab jamun or faluda! All the Dilliwalas must have tried the famous Rabri Faluda of Purani Dilli. Mouthwatering enough? Well, time to treat yourself in a similar way. Try making rabri at home and serve it in your way or with what you love the most.

 Once I was a die hard fan of eating Rabri but lately, I have been a fan of making it at home. I so love making it that I want to serve it on almost every occasion. Also, the best part is that it can be served with loads of delicacies, so, everytime you get a new version of it. Plus, making rabri is really easy. You just need loads of milk and a few more ingredients at your place. So not wasting much of your time, gear up to give yourself a delightful feeling and follow this quick & easy recipe that won’t let you down and you will surely love to have.
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Making rabri is not a very difficult task but it requires high amount of attention. You can cook it with cooking something else also but make sure to give it proper attention.
Also, it’s better to use a broader vessel or else it might get burnt from the base.
Make sure to keep the gas on lower flame or medium flame.
Make sure to stir it at regular intervals.




Rabri required the following ingredients:

1. Milk – 3 Cup
2. Sugar -2/3 – 1/2 Cup
3. Grated Khoya – 150 gms
4. Grated Paneer – 100-150 gms
5. Vanilla Custard Powder – 1 tsp
6. Fresh Malai – 3 tsp
7. Cardamom Powder – 1/4 tsp
8. Kewra Essence – 2-4 drops
9. Saffron – Few stripes
10.Raisins, Kaju, Cheery – Your wish


Follow these simple steps to make tasty Rabri:

1. Put milk on medium flame and add few strips of saffron and crushed cardamom. Cook it till it becomes slightly thicker. It might take 10-15 minutes.
2. As it gets a little thicker and it starts to boil, add sugar and cook for another 3-4 minutes.
3. Now add grated khoya and paneer to it. Cook it for another 10-15 minutes. At this stage, it is important to cook properly and do not hurry as it can spoil the taste of your rabri.
4. Take 1 tsp of Vanilla custard powder and mix it well in 1 tbsp cold milk. Now add this mixture into the preparation and cook till it gets thick. Stir continuously at this stage otherwise the rabri will get stick or may burn.
Tip: Do not add Vanilla custard powder directly or mixing with water as it might affect the thickness of your rabri.
5. Once it gets thicker, add fresh malai and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
6. Remove from fire. Add kewra essence and mix well. Cool it. You can keep it in fridge to make it more thick.
7. Add raisins, pistas, almonds and cherries to decorate it and serve chilled. You can serve it with jalebis or can make malpuas as well at home. Faluda and gulab jamun will be a perfect match!
If you want to have it plain or want to have it with nothing even then you are good to go.

Final Say…

Your mouthwatering rabri is ready to eat!! I have made it with malpuas as well and that’s a deadly combination. If you want to have it with Jalebis then you need to take less amount of sugar than it is mentioned above or else it would be too sweet.
So, this Raksha Bandhan, surprise your brother/sister with this perfectly delicious rabri and make them feel special!
Do try the recipe and comment below regarding any doubts or if you loved the recipe and tried it at home.
Good Bye and stay tuned for the next recipe!
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