Moth Kachori

Treat yourself with this flavourful Moth Kachori!

Moth Kachori… Naam to suna hi hoga? Haina? So, today’s topic is going to be about one of the famous street food item; the dish of Multanis; a treasure of spices and the love of Delhites that is Kachori but not the common Aloo Kachori. It is gonna be about the tangy Moth Kachori.

When we think of Delhi, it’s flavourful Street Food is what first comes into our mind. Be it our favourite momo or the chatpate chole kulche, Delhi has everything to impress its residents and the visitors in terms of food.

Ab street food ka naam lia aur Purani Dilli ki yaad na aaye, aisa ho skta hai kya? The immense treasure of soul-satisfying food is what lies in this area. From Khatte Meethe Dahi Bhalle to tikkhe Chole Kulche, the place has everything that a craving tummy wants. But apart from this amazing place, Delhi has some hidden gems serving tasty street food that you must try!

One such gem is Manish MothKachori, Uttam Nagar. This place in West Delhi serves the crispiest and the tastiest Moth Kachori that I ever had. The place reminds me of my childhood days, have been eating this delicacy since I was a small kid. Now, I am an adult so you can imagine the number of years, he has been serving us. Around 15 years, to be precise! Earlier he used to sell these tasty kachoris on a small thela aka stall. Now, he owns a small shop. The place is well known in Uttam Nagar for its flavoursome Moth Kachoris.

Moth Kachori is one of the most loved street food items. It is one of the most economical option that one can go for. Also, you can have it as a morning or an evening snack, that’s totally your will. Just a plate of it will make your tummy satisfied and treat your tastebuds completely.

What made us love this place ?

Being a chaat person, what can be better than treating yourself with some tangy, lip-smacking Moth Kachoris that aren’t very heavy as well. I have tried this item from different places, but this shop serves an authentic taste that hasn’t changed in years.

Kachoris are basically served with rice and mixed with moth bean curry. But that’s not the end. Yeh toh trailer tha, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. To give your dish a flavourful twist, tangy imly chutney, vinegar onions i.e sirce wale pyaaz, papdi and a bunch of spices like chaat masala, red chilli are added. Tangy much or spicy much? Give it a try and figure it out.

Are you a spicy food lover or a khata meetha person? If yes, then this should be your ultimate destination.

Worth Visiting Place or not?

One plate of Moth Kachori will cost you around Rs. 30 which is surely economical. Getting these packed for your homes will cost you Rs. 5-10 more. A plate has two kachoris which will make your tummy full and is a complete feast in itself. Also, the vendor makes fresh kachoris in front of you so you can totally rely upon its quality and freshness.

A small bite of this Moth Kachori is in itself a scrumptious meal. Get ready to lost in the world of exotic flavours and treat your tongue with something spicy, tasty and flavourful. The taste will surely remind you of an authentic multani dish.

So, if a place serves fresh and tasty meal which won’t make a hole in your pocket then, what would be your reason to avoid visiting it? Still waiting for christmas? Well, best part is that the kachoris taste better in winters. After all, we all want some hot pipping delicacy in a chilly weather. So, you can plan out to try this multani item around christmas time.

Well, that’s all for the day. Spare some time out your busy schedule to try out this place. Plan out a scrumptious breakfast date or a perfect solution to your bestie’s evening snack cravings at this small shop.

Hope that you liked the blog. Do share your experience with us. You can also share about any place which you think is the hidden gem of Delhi.

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Much Love. Good Bye. See you soon.

Price: Rs 30/-

Address: Manish Moth Kachori, Near BSES Office, Uttam Nagar. ( Nearest Metro Station: Uttam Nagar East).


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