Pizza Momos

Have You Tried This Fusion Of Pizza Momos Yet?

Yo people! How’s life? Awwwesomeee? Greatt! Let’s make it more awesome, what’s say? Sooooo, we are here with something reallyy amazingg! First of all, tell me how many pizza loversss in the house? I am sure most of you find pizza as your truee louvvv. Isn’t it? Now, how about some hot piping momos? Kya keh rhe ho ki muh mein paani aagya? Acha wait, there’s something more to make you drool even more! How about a deadly combo of Pizza and the Momos- The Pizza Momos from Wong’s Kitchen, Rohini?

Yes yes you read it right. I am talking about the Pizza Momos! When Pizza met Momos, tb cravings met their solution. Pizza toh sabka pyaar hai aur Momos vo toh jaan hai! So, best is to have a plate full of hot pizza styled momos to treat yourself with a delectable combo!

What Makes These Momos So Special?

We all love a cheesilicious pizza that can melt as soon as it enters our mouth. Agreed? And what if momos give you the same feel? A hot plate of tastelicious momos topped with loadsss of cheeeseee, pizza sauce and veggies. Just a small cheese pull can make you fall in love with these momos.

This plate will surely give you the same feel of having a cheesy pizza and will surely satisfy your craving soul. Imagine having these hot, cheesy momos seasoned with oregano and the longest cheese pull ever on a chilly winter evening. Drooling already? Not kidding but these momosare a true gem for the pizza and the momos lovers! Just a small bite can give you the cloud 9 feel!

Pizza Momos

Where To Find These Pizza Momos?

Wong’s Kitchen, Rohini serves these mouth watering momos. A plate of momos cost you Rs. 180. But, trust me that’s worth it. The momos have the Paneer, Chicken and Veg variants. The momos are sufficient for one person and you won’t feel like having anything more after this.

I guess that’s enough to make you crave for these delicacies. Roses are too mainstream, propose your foodie gf with these worth having momos from Wong’s Kitchen and make her day more beautiful!

Take your foodie gang and have a gala time while enjoying these delicious momos. Wong’s Kitchen serves an amazing variety of worth trying food items. Check out our blog on Wong’s Kitchen to know more!

So, now time to say good bye! See ya soon! Loads of love! Keep smiling and Keep loving us! Till then, munch your favourite food! Au revoir! A bientot!

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