Gravy momos

12 Pieces Of Scrumptious Gravy Momos At Just Rs. 60!

­Yoo delhites! What’s up? Let’s talk about our all time favourite Momosss!! Kyun sunte hi khane ka man hogyaa? Momos toh dilli ka pet food hai aur agar gravy momos mil jayein toh? Dilli mein kuch mile ya na mile par har kone mein ek momos wala toh milega hi. Agreed? So, keep reading.

– The word that can sum up our entire life!! Aur Dilli walo ki toh aan baan aur shaan hai yehh! Btaoo dilli walo?

Well, frankly speaking, they are an integral part of our lives! We can crave for momos at any point of time and at any place! If you also feel the same, then yes my friend, you are on the right page.

You may call it Bae, Love, Best Friend but to us they are our lives! They can be your evening partner or your mood swings solution. Best part is that there are a huge varieties to have! Be it steamed or fried, gravy or achari, every momo has it own special thing that makes them unique and worth trying.

Worth Trying Gravy Momos

Being true momos lovers, our hunt for some good momos never ends! So, while exploring, we found these underrated momos vendor in A-1, Janak Puri. After tasting these Gravy Momos, the only question that came into our minds was: Are you a true momos lover if you haven’t tasted these mouthwatering gravy momos yet?

A Perfect blend of cream, mayonnaise and yummy sauces, to make these momos super creamy! Momos are first fried and then added to the gravy prepared from the sauces. Take a bite and feel the taste. You’ll get lost in another world. A perfect treat to your tastebuds.

Gravy momos

They have become so popular these days that you will find them at almost every momo stall. You might have tried gravy momos from many outlets of Delhi. But, I am sure that you haven’t tried such succulent momos before. Try them once and you’ll crave for them almost every day. Asli pyaar toh yhi hai yaar!

I bet that you won’t be disappointed with these delicacies. Also, best thing for the spicy food lovers. The sauce added to make the gravy is actually very spicy and adds more to the taste.

Where to find these gravy momos?

The vendor comes around 6 in the evening and sits outside Aggarwal Corner, opposite to Arya Samaj Mandir, A-1, Janak Puri, New Delhi. He doesn’t put stall on wednesdays. So, don’t waste your time by visiting on any Wednesday. Now the best part, the momos are so economical that won’t spend much of your pocket money and are worth the price. One plate of these yummy momos are just for Rs. 60! Can you believe 60 bucks for 12 pieces?

Not only the gravy momos, you can also try their steamed as well as fried momos. Also, you can have veg, non veg and paneer options. I am a paneer person, so, paneer gravy momos are my favourite. One plate has around 12 pieces which is enough to make your tummy full or you may call it a complete meal. Just ten minutes wait and then enjoy mouthwatering gravy momos. The taste you won’t forget. Sounds yummilicious? You gotta visit this place super soon.

Added To The Bucket List?

So, next time when you crave for tasty momos, this could be your destination. Also, winters are approaching, what can be better than a plate full of hot piping gravy momos in the evening?

Take your foodie friends or the momo partner to this small stall. Treat them with a plate full of happiness. Also, make these gravy momos your new love or your valentine partner. Make your mood swings day a better day and treat your tummy as well.
Well, that’s all to make your day. Stay tuned for the next blog. Do visit and share your experience with us. Also, Comment and share this blog with your foodie frandss.

Comment below on what do you want us to post more. Hope you liked the blog. Love to all. Au Revoir. A bientot!

Address: Lama Momos, A-1, Janak Puri.

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