Flossy Popcorn Freakshake At Xero Degrees!

Who doesn’t loveeee something freakish or awwwwsome? We all crave to try something new or different, isn’t it? And we all love popcorns, don’t we? Popcorns be the best past time snacks. Whether you are watching a movie or reading a book, you can always accompany them with a bowl of popcorn. And imagine your favourite popcorn gets a creamy twist! How about a creamy popcorn shake? Haven’t tried yet? Visit Xero Degrees ASAP.

Flossy Popcorn Freak ShakeAt Xero Degrees!

Shakes are louvvv! No matter what you eat at a cafe, shakes are the must have items. But, oreo, nutella, chocolate shakes are the boring ones. Time to try something new and freakish that will make you awwstruck! Something to make you crazyyy. So, how about a caramel popcorn shake from Xero Degrees? Caramel shake overloaded with whipped cream and popcorns sprinkled over it. Sounds wowwww? Just a glance at this shake can make you drool! And hey, how can you drink it without taking a cool picture? This shake is truly insta worthy. Take a cool picture and then a sip and get lost in its yummilicious taste!

Popcorn Shake at Xero Degrees

One shake is enough for one person and is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Forget flowers, offer this frothy shake to your crush and make her say yes! Time to take your bae to this comfy outlet at Hudson lane and get lost in a creamy journey.

Apart from the popcorn shakes, you can try Choco Brownie, Nutella Oreo and Choco Crunch. These Freak Shakes from Xero Degrees are actually worth- trying. You can’t even think of saying no to any of these!

Is There Any Reason To Wait?

Obviously Noooo! It’s time to rush to Xero Degrees and give this soul satisfying shake a try! Xero Degrees has two outlets in Delhi. One in Connaught Place and the other one in Hudson Lane. So, if you are nearby, Xero Degrees can be your destination.

Well that’s all for the day. Try out the place and share your experience with us. Do share the blog and keep supporting us. Love  to all. Keep smiling and keep eating. Byeeee! Stay tuned for the next one!

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