Egg-cellent Treat At Mithlesh Ande Wala!

Winters are here, so what can be better than having smoking hot eggs for the breakfast or even for the evening snacks? Well, if you think the same, then we have a perfect place for you. Mithlesh Ande Wala, naam toh suna hi hoga? This famous outlet of Tilak Nagar serves scrumptious egg items that a true egg lover shouldn’t miss.

Don’t you all think that your regular omelette needs a break? Don’t you crave to try something more delectable? So, how about a chicken Omelette? Or wait, wanna have a kulcha omelette? Acha, you want a buttery omelette? Well, do not worry. Mithlesh Ande Wala has everything that your craving tummy wants.

Mithlesh Ande Wala

This famous outlet in West Delhi holds a scrummy place in almost everyone’s heart. The outlet is sorta takeaway outlet, there’s no seating, just the standing tables outside. The place serves tasty varieties of omelettes, rolls, shawrama and lots more. So, without any further delay, let us take you to the journey of tasty egg dishes. Starting from the all time favourite breakfast- Omelette!

Crazy Omelettes to Try:

Monday ho ya sunday, roz khao ande! Haina? Toh, let’s have some tasty omelettes. So, let’s give a try to their Chicken Omelette. Can you imagine omelette mein chicken? Well, this omelette is made from shredded chicken mixed with eggs, onions and spices that will give you a heavenly feel. And yes, loaded with butter and tasty masalas to give it a yummy taste. Just a small bite can give you tasty feel. So, give this omelette a try! This Chicken Omelette will cost you 90 bucks which is worth its taste.

Going next to, Seekh Kebab Omelette. Well, if you are a fan of seekh kebab then this one’s for you. Seekh Kebab mixed with eggs, chillies, onions and spices. A perfect combo of seekh kebab and eggs is what this omelette offers. This delicacy is for Rs. 110.

And if you are a person who loved butter alot or want everything to be more buttery, then give a try to their Special Butter Omelette or Desi Butter Omelette. Special Butter Omelette is for Rs. 70 while Desi Butter Omelette is for Rs. 80.

Apart from these, they Half Fry, French as well as Paneer Omelette. Trust me, the place won’t disappoint your omelette cravings. In this chilly weather, treat your bae with something hot and tasty.

Special Kulcha Omelette at Mithlesh Ande Wala

If you thought that was the end to the Omelette, toh Picture abhi baki hai mere dost. Mithlesh Ande Wala doesn’t want to disappoint you in any manner. So, presenting omelette stuffed in a Kulcha! Yes yes, omelette in kulcha. Succulent omelette wrapped with a kulcha, masalas sprinkled on the top and served with chutney. You can try out the Special Kulcha Omelette for Rs. 90, Paneer Kulcha Omelette for Rs. 100 and Seekh Kebab Kulcha Omelette for Rs. 130.

Shawarma To Try

Don’t we all love shawarma? Well, most of us does. Shawarma has been lately emerged as the true love of Delhites. A perfect evening snack and cravings partner. So, why not try the tasty shawarma of this place as well. Try out their Special Burger Chicken Shawarma or Bread Sandwich Chicken Shawrama. Just a bite can make you fall in love with it. Super juicy and worth having shawarma at just Rs. 50. Can something be better than this? Obviously not.

Apart from all this, the outlet serves luscious egg bhurji, boiled eggs and Toasts as well. Not kidding but their toasts are seriously worth trying and are also heathy. Health conscious people can try out their boiled eggs, egg toasts and even bhurji. All of these are rich in taste and health-friendly. And yes, they serve delectable rolls as well. You can try out the Salami Roll, stuffed with eggs and salami and the perfect pinch of spices. This roll was in itself a complete meal.

So, rush towards this outlet and get rid of your egg cravings. The outlet will make you fall in love with its scrummy egg dishes and is perfect to visit in this cool weather. So, I wish all of you an eggs-tra nice day!

That’s all for the day. Eat egg and be healthy. Stay tuned for the next blog. Till then, keep smiling and keep sharing this blog with your egg lover buddies. Okayy bubyeeeeee!

Address: Shop D-1, Fateh Nagar, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.

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