Give your tea time a chocolaty cake!

India is definitely a land of desserts wherein almost every Indian is born with a sweet tooth.
Sweets have a way to Indians’ hearts alike chai!
Whenever it comes to tea, we start looking for the biscuits, rass, mathis and other things to complete our tea meal. But have you ever thought of having a cake along with tea? No, I am not mentioning about a heavy cake  full of whipped cream, rather a Bourbon Biscuit Cake dipped in the hersheys syrup that will surely make you drool over it.

Out of all the things that India has adopted from outside, cake is definitely the best amongst them.
I personally love cakes, that’s why I came up with this easy recipe which can be tried by anyone at their home itself.

Super easy to make and will be tastier to eat. You just need to assemble and blend 4-5 ingredients and it’ll be ready. I don’t like to eat biscuits as raw, so I thought of using it in a different way. So, let’s start the recipe.

Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking Time- 40-45 minutes on low flame


Mix the paste properly so as to get the good consistency of the batter. Also, make sure that there are no lumps formed. Add a sachet of Eno at the end only.


1. Take 2 packets of bourbon biscuits, empty them in a mixer grinder and churn them to make powder. You may or may not separate the chocolate from the biscuits.

2. Empty the powder in a bowl.

3. Add castor sugar as per your taste.

4.Mix both the sugar and biscuit powder properly.

5.Now pour 1/4th cup of milk into the mixture formed. Don’t add all the milk in one go. Add slowly and as per the requirement.

6.Mix well till there are no lumps left.

7.Again, add 1/4th of milk and mix till no lumps are left so as to get a smooth paste.

8.If the paste is still thick then you need to add some more milk to get a smooth paste.

Later Stage:

9. Side by side, keep a kadai/cooker on the gas, spread some sand at the base and put it at low flame.
Make sure to cover the cooker/kadai, so that it can get warm. (Remember to remove the cooker whistle.)

10. Now take a steel bowl that could be fit in the cooker/kadai and grease it with oil well, so that cake can be removed smoothly.

11. Spread butter paper at the base of the steel bowl and apply oil on it as well.

12. Once greasing is done, put a sachet of ENO in the paste.

13. Bubbles will start appearing, as ENO is mixed in the paste and mix properly for a minute.

(Mixing all the things properly in a paste is an important step to get a perfect batter).

Tip: Always mix ENO at the end to get a spongy and soft cake.

14. Pour the paste in the oil greased steel bowl.

15. Make sure that no air bubbles are formed.

16. Place a stand on the sand and then place the steel bowl on it.

17. Bake it on low flame for around 30-45 minutes.

18.Before turning off the flame, it’s time to check whether it’s ready or not. Use a toothpick or a fork and insert it into the cake.

19. If toothpick / fork comes out cleanly, put off the flame and if not, allow it to rest for more 5-10 minutes.

20. Bring it to a normal room temperature, and then take it out in a plate. Remove the butter paper.

21. Garnish with chocolate and Hershey’s syrup.
You can add cake balls and choco chips for better presentation and taste. (optional)

22.Keep it in the refrigerator to cool down.

23. Pour some hershey’s syrup over it and it’s ready to serve.

Final Say….

You can keep this cake in an air tight container for 2-3 days and can serve at tea time or even in the breakfast. It won’t require much of your hardwork and will surely be loved by all. Hersheys syrup is enough for people to fall in love with your cake, but adding sprinkles, chocolate chip will add more charm to your cake.

Ms. Akshita Jain provided us this recipe. She wanted to share this out with more and more people so, she chose our platform for the same. We felt happy to help her share her recipe and thank her for the same.

Moreover, we will be happy if you will share this recipe with your friends and family. We hope that you loved the recipe so, that’s all for today!

Stay tuned for more and Good bye for now!

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