Make your parties more beautiful at Banter!

Banter Looking for a beautiful party place? Want to celebrate your friendversary or your bestie’s 20th Birthday? Confused where to go? Not a problem? Why to fear when we are here? If you are from Delhi, then there’s no need to search more! Delhi is a hub of beautiful lounges and bar. Be it east delhi or west delhi, you’ll find tonnes of party places in every corner. Partying hard is not a problem in Delhi but choosing a right place is surely one. So, lemme tell you about a beautiful place with lit ambience and scrumptious food. Banter, a place in Karol Bagh is gonna be the end to your search game!

The Place has a huge courtyard beautifully decorated with plenty of plants, perfect lightning, wooden tables and a comfy swing to have a relaxing time. And wait, are you a selfie addict or do you adore yourself a little more? Well, if yes then, time to take out your mobile phones and get yourself clicked. The place is very photogenic that you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking loads of beautiful pictures. Also, they have an indoor seating as well which is again very pretty.

You know what’s the most amazing part? The beauty of the place enhances in the evening when the lights lit up and give you a splendid feel! You can also enjoy your beer with the live music on the weekend. Perfect feels? Apart from the perfect ambience, the place serves perfect food as well. From presentation of the dish to it’s taste, everything is commendable. You know what’s the good part? It has really amazing fusions to try that you can’t afford to miss! Scroll more to find out more.

Luscious items to try at Banter!

Banter has a huge variety of lip-smacking dishes to try. Plus, the fusions that the place offers are worth trying. So, let’s start from the light snacks first.

Chicken lollipop, Pizza, Banter Pizza, Paneer Tarts, Banter

Starters that we loved !

Banter has both veg as well as non veg starters which are actually good in taste. Talking about the vegetarian meal first, are you a paneer person? Also, you must have tried tarts once in your life. Yes? No? Maybe? Oh wait, I’ll give you a mouthwatering combo i.e The Kadhai Paneer Tarts. Banter serves you tasty Kadhai Paneer stuffed in soft tarts which is indeed a good thing to try.

How can we skip our all time favourite maggi when talking about tasty food? Must try maggi aranchini from this place. Maggi stuffed into crispy balls, goes well with the spicy dip. Truffle scented mushroom galouti is also a good item to try.

Now, coming onto the non-vegetarian menu, Udta Punjab is a good to go item. To have a spicy meal, must try their old monk chicken lollipop. There’s no point skipping goat cheese malai tikka, rich in taste and highly creamy. If you love seekh, then do try bhaijaan seekh parantha. Parantha served with tasty seekh kebab which is really amazing in taste.

Enough of snacks, now let’s move onto the flossy shakes that the place serves.

Drinks to accompany your meal at Banter!

Are you a shakes person? Do you love shakes full of chocolate, wafer, ice creams and much more? If yes, then you are on the right place, my friend. Banter has a variety of normal as well as monstrous shakes that are actually soul-satisfying. Choco Bar Monster shake is highly creamy and has muffins, choco chips and choco bar on the top. The shake will surely flirt on you and you won’t be able to resist yourself and will give it a try! All the strawberry lovers, give strawberry monster shake a try. Monstrous enough and yummy much. Apart from the monster shakes, strawberry oreo, nutella and kitkat shake are also tasty enough.

The place serves smoothies, mocktails, tea as well as coffee. I really enjoyed the mocha delite alot. In the mocktails, paan india is amazing. Refreshing much and tastes next level.

Main Course, Banter

Main Course items to try at Banter!

When it comes to main course, there’s no way to compromise. We all love buttery dal makhani with soft butter naan. Sath mein ek dum masaledar chicken biryani mil jaye toh oye hoye sone pr suhaga!

Banter serves buttery as well as creamy dal makhani, tasteful kadhai paneer, korma chicken and chicken biryani. Sounds yummilicious? Go and try these delicacies and make your lunch and dinner dates special.
So, there’s no reason waiting! Head to this pretty place soon and make your weekends special.

Add a charm to your party by partying hard at Banter. Still not convinced? Go and give this place a try!

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Address: 31-B, Pusa Road, Rajinder Place, New Delhi

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